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Citizen Eco Drive WR100 Review – The perfect sport watches

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Citizen is the watchmaker of the future. Emerging after World War II, it quickly became the leading model for the Japanese businessmen with its uncompromising quest for quality and its talent for technical innovation. These virtues have become Citizen’s strengths through the years, and it has emerged into the new century as a technological pioneer.

The Citizen have clean, fluid lines and an eye-catching style. The Citizen look is slightly different from most western watches, gently rounded and brushed to bring out the subtle metallic tones.

Watches like these Should cost much more but Citizen is keeping its promise, and offering these quality watches for an affordable price.

One of Citizen’s innovations is its Eco-Drive power system. The watch is charged by light falling on its dial, so it literally runs on free energy.

One of the series using the Eco-Drive system are the Citizen’s WR100 series. Again Citizen demonstrates that superb styling, technical precision and an attractive price can coexist.

These watches have much to offer in both style and practicality:

• They never need winding or a battery change, and staying unworn for a few days will not run them down.
• Water resistance is 100 meters (333 feet).
• The stainless steel case is shock and impact resistant.
• The emphasis is on legibility, not unneeded complications. The face is wide, clear and conventionally arranged.

The WR100 line consists of three exceptional watches:

Citizen Men’s BM6060-57F Eco-Drive 180 WR100 Titanium Bracelet Watch

This watch takes durability to a whole new level. Titanium is one of the hardest metals, and that fact ensures that this timepiece will withstand impacts and pressures that would destroy most other watches. A beautifully sculpted link bracelet seems to grow into the fluid lines of the case. The dial is round and dark with over-sized hour markers and sword-shaped, luminous hands. The date is at three. This Is the one of the best selling citizen watches in the world and it’s price is ridiculous for this kind of watch….

Current price is $150

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Citizen Men’s BM8430-59E Eco-Drive WR100 Sport Watch

This one is all cool steel brushed to a mellow luster. The hefty lugs and gentle curves enclose a narrow, unmarked bezel with the same 12-sided geometric shape as the previous selection. The dial of this timepiece is dark with silver-tone hour markers and half-second gradations around the outer edge. The outer part of the dial is textured by a series of concentric circles while the inner segment is a medium-gloss dark gray. The day and date are at three o’clock, and the case is 37 millimeters wide.

Current price is $150

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The Citizen Men’s BM8434-58A Eco-Drive WR100 Sport Watch

This watch uses the interplay of two-tone steel to create a harmonious color scheme. The links of the bracelet are composed of intricate segments in yellow and white tones that introduce an interesting level of detail. The lugs are generous and gently curved to enclose a round dial. The bezel is narrow, yellow-toned and has geometric angles on its edge to punctuate its roundness. The case width is 37 millimeters. The face is white with yellow metal hour markers emphasized by luminous dots. The luminous hands are yellow-toned and sword-shaped. Day and date windows appear at three o’clock.

Current price is $167

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The WR100 watches are beautiful, high-tech and amazingly durable. Shoppers seeking a personal purchase or a gift that will surely be appreciated should consider these exceptional timepieces. The future has already arrived, and it is called Eco-Drive!

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  1. Richard says:

    My Citizen WR100 is around 8 years old. I’m lucky to get one full day out of the charge and have to leave it in light for a day to use it again. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? It worked really well for the last eight years.

    • Admin says:

      I have this watch and I have no problem.. Anyway, It is probably the lithium-ion cell. Should be easy and cheap to replace.

  2. Admin says:

    We are getting close to black Friday 2013 – you might want to check out for discount.